The Chefs

Description of how each chef is competing for the giant mushroom prize and how they might be creating dishes for this one day only.


Thomas Boemer

Corner Table


Chef Boemer has worked alongside legendary Alain Ducasse and wins raves and awards routinely. With a farm-to-table mentality, his revolutionary Revival recently opened and features epic Southern fare to the Minneapolis masses.

Jim Christiansen



Chef Christiansen is the culinary genius behind the kitchens of La Belle Vie, Sea Change and more. Heyday earns stars every day and night, thanks to beautifully crafted and expertly prepared food.

Gavin Kaysen

Spoon and Stable


In the past year, Chef Kaysen has left New York’s renowned Buolud, served as head coach for Team USA (who won 2nd place at the Bocuse d’Or), and has been nominated for Best New Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation. Oh yeah, he also opened Spoon and Stable. Come taste what the buzz is all about!

Todd MacDonald



Tipped to be one of the Twin-Cities’ premiere Italian eateries, Parella is the brainchild of Chef Macdonald, of NYC’s lauded Willow Road, Cru and Bouley. Taste a preview of Parella’s rustic-but-modern flavors before it opens up in Uptown’s former Figlio space this summer.

Nick O'Leary

Smack Shack


Chef O’Leary’s fresh and inventive fare put Travail, Borough and Coup d’Etat on the foodie map. Now creating in-your-face flavors at Smack Shack, O’Leary brings his deft touch with complex tastes to morels.


Morel on Crostini


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The Bartenders

Similar description as the chefs



Bartender 1

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