Praised by Rolling Stone magazine for their “bluesy blend of hook-laden tunes,” the band has headlined at legendary event like the Basilica Block Party. Get your groove on before the event by having a listen.

These Minneapolis-natives launch their 2015 Brewery Tour right here at the Morel Fest. Listen to the Loons’ experimental space rock and be prepared for plenty of dancing - both on and off-stage. Head over to the Loons in the Attic.

Dive into the soulful exploratory music of Minneapolis-based songwriter Brent Colbert and his band of moody musicmakers. Prepare for a journey from the experimental to the melodic, with nods to the changeable Minnesota seasons. Check out The Awful Truth.

The Dead Willow is an eclectic group of musicians that tap into the influences of rock, blues and soul music, blurring lines between 60’s era song writing and their own brand of music creation. They travel on the momentum of good vibes and celebration in the connection they get from their listeners.